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Christopher Ittoku is a project started in 2008 by musician from Rural Australia, currently residing and studying in Sydney, Australia. It is an exploration of music and sound creation, composition, production and mixing.

Christopher focuses on neo-classical, contemporary classical & new age composition. specialising in piano composition but branches out to utilise all orchestral instruments.


Ittoku explores modern electronic composition and production, encompassing modern European, American and Australian styles of electronic music, as well as more experimental music. Ittoku also DJ's & VDJ's multiple styles including Disco, Garage, Post-Dubstep, Glitch, Experimental, Techno, Minimal, and variations of Trance.​

Matthew Clark is the current artist behind Christopher Ittoku, graduating his undergraduate degree in 2018 from Macquarie University in Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in Music & a Minor in Computing (studying in the Java, Javascript, and Max/Gen~ Languages), along with 5 highest achiever awards. He is studying a Masters in Research starting in 2019, looking into electronic music & emerging music technologies.

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