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Grim was a commissioned sound design work for Fractal Creative

and their Halloscream X maze titled GRIM in 2022 which was featured at the Big Top at Luna Park, Sydney for Halloween. The premise of GRIM is a scare maze designed by a group of 90's vigilante punk clowns as an initiation test for those wanting to join the revolution. The participants are "injected with a hallucinogenic drug" which seeps in as they enter a psychodelic maze featuring strobe and UV lighting, optical illusion mirrors and walls, and clowns jumping out at every turn.

The soundtrack was designed as a 90's rave response to Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík. The first track is designed more as a techno-driven track, while the second is more of an industrial rave/drum 'n' bass take on the track.

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