E.D.E.N. is an IDM-esque track featuring the recording and manipulation of a second-hand Kalimba. Featuring original       recording of samples and custom bass frequency tuning

Choral Transmogrification

Choral Transmogrification is based around a gated ambient choral sample, employing structural psytrance elements & techno percussion over a synth patch, glitch elements, and a tightly mixed kick/bass low end. 

Make A Change (In Your Life)

Make A Change is a Future X genre-based track utilising RnB A Capella vocal samples & a live recording of Destiny's Child singing "Amen". Based around jazzy piano chords, original bass synthesis work, glitch elements, and the usual Ittoku flair

He'a Playa

He'a Playa is the B-side to Down, an extension on noise & sonic manipulation, evolving textures, sample manipulation, and left-field production techniques.


Down was a study on textures & rhythm - complex glitch/IDM rhythms & sonic textures, employing a variety of different elements, such as guitar recording, vocal manipulation, and the use of distortion


Flipping My Funny Valentine on it's head, Valentine uses more abstract production techniques such as granular synthesis & complex time signatures, along with sample manipulation.


Time was a project exploring complex rhythmic patterns through sampling & time-stretching, along with influences from garage, post-dubstep, and jazz.